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Specific for the Plastic Surgery curriculum.


Advanced Filtering

Enhance your learning efficiency with our new filtering options. Tailor your study sessions for maximum focus and retention. Dive into a customized learning experience where you control what and how you learn, ensuring every session is precisely aligned with your goals

Competitive Learning

Engage in a dynamic learning challenge with our Competitive Learning feature. Benchmark your progress against your peers and stay driven on your educational path. Our unique 'Difficulty' rating evolves daily, adapting to collective user performance on thePlasticsFlash, keeping you constantly challenged and motivated

Rapid Build & Export

Our Rapid Build & Export feature allows you to create a deck that perfectly suits your learning style and goals. Each deck is automatically converted into a CSV file, tailored to your chosen topics, focus areas, difficulty levels, and the desired number of flashcards.

Continuous Updates

Stay ahead with P'Fella's continuously updated Anki Decks! This platform ensures that you're always learning from the most current and accurate information. P'Fella instantly incorporate changes in evidence and data into our flashcard database.

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Please note, Anki Deck builder is in Beta—knowledge is accurate, builder improvements coming. Currently available to thePlasticsPro.

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