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Who is thePlasticsFella designed for?

thePlasticsFella caters to students, medical professionals, and international practitioners aiming to understand master the intricacies of Plastic surgery. The platform offers a rich array of educational resources aligned with international curriculums, making it an ideal tool for learning and professional development at every career stage.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer special discounts for students to support their educational journey. Additionally, save 3 months when you sign up for our annual Pro plan.

Do you offer free trials?

Certainly! We believe in the value of experiencing our services firsthand. thePlasticsPro provides a 10-day free trial with the Pro plan, allowing you to explore our offerings risk-free. If you decide it's not for you, simply cancel before the trial ends, and you won't incur any charges. If you opt for the single payment 3 year access, then there is a 20 day money back guarantee.

What's the thePlasticsFella mission?

Absolute Independence: thePlasticsFella stands as a beacon of independence, free from external ties, ensuring an unbiased educational journey. Education First: We're driven by knowledge, not profit. Our aim is to provide exceptional, non-commercial educational content.Refined Surgical Expertise: Access our tailored suite of educational tools, each designed to significantly elevate your surgical skills. Join and Make an Impact: Become a member, immerse yourself in learning, and directly support the evolution of our innovative educational resources.