A proudly independent platform for evidence-based Plastic Surgery

In the summer of 2019, thePlasticsFella came to life with a clear mission: to provide quick, reliable access to evidence-based knowledge in Plastic Surgery. What started as a humble project, aiming to craft a small set of educational tools, has grown into something much more significant.

thePlasticsFella is built on 3 principles
Evidence, Independence, Open Sourced.


Today, thePlasticsFella is an independent, open-source haven where Plastic Surgeons and Trainees come to sharpen their skills and deepen their knowledge. From its modest beginnings, the platform has grown organically, fuelled by a community passionate about pushing the boundaries of medical education.


This isn't just a buzzword; it's our ethos.

We stand apart, not tethered to any organizations, societies, or academic institutions. thePlasticsFella has freedom in the educational landscape, providing unbiased, unfiltered knowledge directly to our community.

This independence isn't just about standing alone; it's about standing for something—integrity, trustworthiness, and a unique charm that resonates with the plastic surgery community.

This created a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Every dime we generate is diligently reinvested into the platform, fueling the creation and enhancement of a vast, free educational library. We're not just a resource; it's an ecosystem where quality education and community engagement thrive together.

Every interaction contributes to a virtuous cycle. More engagement leads to more resources, allowing us to reinvest in creating superior content.

It's this collaborative spirit that ensures thePlasticsFella is a continuously evolving community.

So, open-source?

This is not the "open journal" concept.

Originally a term from the software world signifying a collaborative method of creating programs, "open-source" for us symbolizes a broader commitment. It's about championing values like open exchange, joint effort, clear visibility, and development driven by a community's pulse.

thePlasticsFella, about, mission, education, plastic surgery, study notes

If this mission resonates with you

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Also, here's a fun fact.

This is the inspiration behind the logo 👇

thePlasticsFella, about, mission, education, plastic surgery, study notes

Here is also some of the finer detail - Privacy, Terms and Conditions.

One platform for everything
Plastic Surgery

A curated suite of educational tools designed specifically for the evidence-based Plastic Surgeon.

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