Live Mock Interview

A complete mock interview specifically designed to simulate the ST3 Plastic Surgery Interviews for £29.

The most authentic way to prepare for your interview.

Who is Mock Interview designed for?

The mock interview is specifically designed for candidates applying for the Plastic Surgery ST3 training positions. It's tailored for individuals who have completed their core surgical training and are looking to secure a training number in plastic surgery. The content and structure are aimed at those who are preparing to demonstrate their competence, knowledge, and skills in areas pertinent to the ST3 person specification and the broader field of plastic surgery

What's inside the mock interview?

The mock interview encompasses a variety of stations that cover critical areas relevant to plastic surgery and the competencies required for the ST3 level. These include Consent, Communication, Clinical Scenarios, Audit, Research, Teaching, Leadership, Risk & Safety, and Ethics. The format aims to mirror the actual interview structure, including OSCEs and structured interview questions, to provide a realistic practice environmen

Does the mock interview cost money?

Yes, it costs £29 to cover the cost of the audio/visual software.

What level of difficulty is the mock interview?

The mock interview is designed to reflect the real Plastic Surgery ST3 Interview process, targeting a level of difficulty that prepares candidates for the actual interview. This means the questions and scenarios are crafted to simulate the challenges and expectations you will face, ensuring a comprehensive preparation. There will be some questions you might find easy and also some questions you will find challenging.

How many times can I do the mock interview?

Each registration allows for a single attempt at the mock interview. It's crucial to thoroughly prepare and approach each station with your best effort, as you have one opportunity to go through the interview process per payment.

Do I get to keep my recordings?

Yes! Practice live just using your webcam. At the end of the mock interview, your recordings are emaile directly to you. This allows you to reflect and improve. At the end of the interview session, you will just be asked input your email

Will I receive a grade or evaluation?

As of now, thePlasticsFella does not provide grading or formal evaluations. We encourage you to review your practice session recordings to identify and work on your areas for improvement.

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