P’Fella’s Diary

P’Fella’s Diary

A personal insight into P'Fella and a behind-the-scenes look at content creation, team management, and platform development.

19th April 2021

  • Really improve the efficiency of content creation and content marketing last week. I have now got the handle of Notion, which allows me to keep track of all the tasks and makes every more streamlined.
  • Built more personal relationships with future content creators. Currently have 6 open-sourced articles in progress.
  • Developed my thoughts on what it means to be open-sourced and for people to be able to access content without even having to put in their email address. This is one of the key themes that I want to address in my upcoming talk that I was asked to give at the HLA conference.

forgot to write stuff for a few days! (sorry!)

7th April 2021

  • Worked on next stage of content creation for future articles and also the upcoming saturday content release with QuickCuts
  • Thought of an interesting concept. Instead of people paying for premium content, they can have the option to create an evidence-based review topic. This will encourage learners to become teachers and will also remove a barrier for entry for those with financial difficulties. This is a work in progress.
  • Cemented the new rule for P'Fella: 6 weeks of content creation, 2 weeks of idea creation. This will allow greater focus and efficiency

5th April 2021

  • Forgot to diary for the past few days. but fear not, work was being done. published the written and audio versions of carpal tunnel and also sent out the easter edition of theplasticspaper
  • chatted to a couple more future authors and excited to see what they have in store
  • thinking lots about the next step in growing the platform. could be a SAAS product, watch this space!

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