How does the AI work?

Here's some FAQs on the new features

Is AI used to generate the flashcards? 

Yes, some flashcards are AI-generated and then verified by P'Fella. LLMs (large language models) are used to build flashcards from your favourite plastic surgery resources, such as thePlasticsFella.com ;) and also new peer-reviewed publications. 

Is AI used to assess me?

Yes. P'FellaAI uses fancy algorithms and ML to assess your performance. It collects and processes data, extract relevant features, trains the model, evaluate its accuracy, and make predictions. The system provides personalized feedback based on these predictions. Over time, this system will get stronger as it is used more (its still in its early stages). Soon, it will be able to identify real-time gaps in your knowledge, understanding the forgetting curve theory and then introduce flashcards accordingly. 

What is "performance"?

What is "success rate"?

thePlasticsFella platform is an international community that harnesses the power of its users' collective knowledge. Our AI algorithm diligently tracks responses from all users, enabling the calculation of a success rate score for each flashcard. This score represents the percentage of correct answers for a specific flashcard, offering insights into your progress.

By monitoring the success rate, you gain a motivational tool to compare your progress with peers. A high success rate validates your understanding and provides encouragement, while a lower rate highlights areas for improvement. Remember, the success rate serves as feedback and motivation, helping you gauge your progress and identify areas to focus on.

While influenced by factors like flashcard difficulty and question quality, the success rate should be used as a guide, not the sole measure of learning. Ultimately, your own comprehension and retention of the material are most important. Embrace the success rate as a valuable tool, leveraging the strength of our global community to fuel your learning journey and strive for continuous improvement.


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