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Your new AI companion trained by thePlasticsFella

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Dynamic Features ⚡

Transform passive reading into an engaging, interactive experience.

📚 Understanding Complex Concepts
Ask for clear explanations on difficult topics.
Example: "Hey Sidekick, can you explain the difference between Swan Neck and Boutonniere deformity?"

🔍 Deepening Library Research
Discover the latest research from our library.
Example: "Sidekick, what's new in treating carpal tunnel syndrome according to our library?"

♣️ Interactive Learning with Flashcards
Get help on tricky study materials.
Example: "I'm puzzled by this flashcard on rhinoplasty techniques. Sidekick, can you elaborate?"

🧩 Interactive Quiz Creation
Enhance your learning with custom quizzes.
Example: "Sidekick, can you create a questions based on cubital tunnel syndrome at the level of a senior plastic surgery resident?"

🎯 Tailored Interview Prep
Improve your interview responses with customized templates.
Example: "Sidekick, I need to refine my interview answer. Can you assist using one of your templates?"

💡 Journal Club Discussion Points
Gain insights for your next journal club meeting.
Example: "What are the key points from Dr Smith's article on microsurgery, Sidekick? I know you have a published a review article on it."

🩺 Personalized Clinical Case Guidance
Navigate clinical cases with Sidekick's personalized queries and insights, enhancing your clinical reasoning in a conversational style.

🎮 Clinical Case Analysis
Discuss critical steps in managing specific clinical scenarios.
Example: "Sidekick, what are the essential steps in managing a patient with pyogenic flexor tenosynovitis?"

🛠️ Procedure Guide Clarification
Refresh your memory on surgical procedures.
Example: "I need to recall the steps for raising an ALT flap in head and neck reconstruction. Can you guide me, Sidekick?"

🌐 Anatomical Insights
Explore detailed anatomy with a focus on specific areas.
Example: "Sidekick, could you explain to me the hand anatomy, focusing on tendon structures?"

FAQs 🙋

or contact P'Fella if any more!

Q: What exactly does Sidekick do?

Sidekick is a versatile AI tool uniquely designed for plastic surgery professionals. It aids in understanding complex concepts, provides tailored support for various learning materials, and enhances interactive learning through features like flashcard assistance, interactive quizzes, and clinical case exploration.

Q: How can I start using Sidekick on ThePlasticsFella platform?

Easy! It's free for anyone to use. Just click the bubble and get going! If you're a ThePlasticsPro member, Sidekick is seamlessly integrated into your all your educational tools. Simply log in, and you'll find Sidekick ready to assist on the bottom corner of your screen.

Q: Is Sidekick a reliable source for medical information?

Sidekick is designed to be a highly informative and reliable assistant, drawing from the extensive resources of However, it's important to use Sidekick in conjunction with your own clinical knowledge and judgment. Consider it as an additional tool to complement your expertise.

Q: Can Sidekick help me prepare for surgical procedures?

Yes, Sidekick offers detailed procedure guides and interactive tools like an anatomy atlas to help you prepare for various surgical procedures. It provides step-by-step guidance, practical tips, and even video demonstrations for a comprehensive preparation experience.

Q: Is there a way to give feedback on Sidekick's assistance?

Absolutely! We value your feedback as it helps us continuously improve Sidekick. You can provide feedback directly through the platform. Your insights help P'Fella fine-tune Sidekick's accuracy and effectiveness.

Q: Are there any limitations to Sidekick's capabilities?

As an AI-powered tool, Sidekick is constantly evolving. While it provides extensive assistance and support, it may not cover every niche topic or have all the answers in real-time. We encourage users to use Sidekick alongside other educational resources and personal expertise.


These are just a few ways you can chat with Sidekick. Don't be shy - use your imagination! Remember, Sidekick is in its beta phase. We're counting on your feedback to fine-tune and continuously improve its capabilities. All responses are powered by the extensive resources of

A friendly heads-up: While Sidekick is pretty smart, it's not a substitute for your own clinical knowledge and judgement. So, go ahead and ask away, but always pair Sidekick's insights with your own expertise. Think of it as your digital assistant, not your digital replacement!

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