ThePlasticsFella has a certified creator program. This allows the plastic surgery community to create written and visual content relevant to Plastic Surgery. It's simple, you get rewarded for what you create.

Step 1: Create

thePlasticsFella is currently accepting anything that is not published on the website. So don't be shy, chances are you'll be creating something original. 

Step 2: Get Rewarded

thePlasticsFella is a not-for-profit educational company. In the future, the goal is to pay you in cash. Right now, it's just not possible. (But hopefully soon 🤞). Either way, it's important you are recognised for your contributions. 

You can start right now!

P'Fella is currently accepting evidence-based articles, medical illustrations, original multiple choice questions, and verified flashcards.

Just follow the prompts below!

If you have any questions just send an email to

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