Bruner Incision - Original 1967 Publication

Bruner Incision - Original 1967 Publication

Bruner described a "zig-zag" incision for the volar aspect of the finger in 1967 after his disdain for the midlateral incision. This journal club details the origin of the Bruner Incision, its limitations and its current role in clinical practice.

Summary Card

Introduction and Hypothesis
"Good exposure and clear vision of the structures". Bruner hypothesised this basic principle had been ignored in hand surgery prior to 1967.

Why the Midlateral Incision should be replaced
The Midlateral incision was the status quo. Bruner felt it has 3 key limitations: indirect approach, damage to secondary structures, and difficulty to work between fingers.

Origins of the "Zig Zag Incision"
In 1965, Bruner started experimenting with an incision that is direct access, good exposure, and does not disturb the neurovascular bundles

"I believe that such a frontal attack shall replace attacks from the flank"

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