thePlasticsPaper - February 6th

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thePlasticsPaper - February 6th

In this Week's Edition

1. โœ๏ธ Letter from P'Fella - saying no to sponsors?
2. ๐Ÿ“ Articles of the Week - it's a hand theme this week.
3. ๐Ÿง Weekly Quiz Competition - updated leaderboard
4. ๐Ÿ”  Wordle for Plastics Surgeons - win merch!
4. ๐ŸŽญ Upcoming Events - 19 courses and webinars
5. ๐Ÿฃ Tweets of the Week - memes, images, ideas.
6. ๐Ÿš€ New features - thePlasticsClub (invite only)
7. ๐Ÿ› Merch - support the mission! Limited supply.


A Letter from P'Fella

Saying no to sponsors?

During the week, I put out a tweet.

The question was simple, should P'Fella allow companies to sponsor/advertise in this weekly newsletter?

The result was surprising.
ยท 71 people voted.
ยท 54% felt taking money to grow the platform is a good idea.
ยท 46% wanted thePlasticsFella to stay independent.

Tbh, I was pretty surprised by this! I felt the significant majority (>90%) would want thePlasticsFella to stay totally independent. There is something romantic about being an "indie".

Perhaps some voters could see the potential of extra money coming into the platform to help it grow. After all, it is a not-for-profit educational platform so all money is reinvested into it.

After a lot of thought, thePlasticsFella will stay independent. This is the right direction. 

If you think this is a good or bad idea, just reply to this email - would love to hear your thoughts!! 


Articles of the Week

Let's focus on hand this week

Digit Replantation under Wide-Awake Local Anesthesia
Huang, Hui-Fu M.D.; Matschke, Jan
PRS Journal, Jan 2022.

Aim: To show the WALANT is a suitable option for replants.
Methods: Finger replants underwent LA or GA. Outcomes were success, waiting and operative times
Results: 51 patients (16 WALANT, 35 GA) with an average success rate of 76% and operation time of 207 minutes.
Conclusions: it is a feasible option for single-digits in a select group of patients with sharp amputations.

5th Metacarpal neck fractures RCT - should I buddy strap?
Martรญnez-Catalรกn et al.
Journal of Hand Surgery, July 2020.

Aim: Compare functional outcomes of buddy taping versus reduction and cast immobilization for 5th metacarpal neck fractures.
Methods: fractures with <70ยบ volar angulation and no rotational deformity were randomized and assessed using DASH.
Results: 72 patients were assessed for range of motion, pain, grip strength, return to work, radiographic angulation, and complication rate.
Conclusion: No benefit of fixation over taping


Weekly Quiz Competition

โ€ŒFellow plastics geeks, here is this week's question.

The leaderboard is hotting up. 175+ of your peers on it. Every so often, the leader will be getting a pretty sweet prize.

just a heads up... it's a little bit hard this week!!


Wordle for Plastic Surgeons

Created specifically for Plastics!

p.s - share your results on Twitter and @plasticsfella. The winner gets some pretty cool merch ๐Ÿ”ฅ


Upcoming Events

19 Webinars, Conferences, and Courses

  1. BSSH Hand Infection - Zoom, Feb 2022.
  2. Edinburgh Hand Course - Edinburgh, Feb 2022
  3. BSSH Arthritis Workshop - Manchester, Feb 2022.
  4. AWR Conference - London, Feb 2022.
  5. MWSPS Annual Meeting - UT, USA Feb 2022
  6. ASPS In-Service Exam - Virtual, March 2022.
  7. ASPS Spring Meeting - Virtual, March 2022.
  8. AAPS Centennial Meeting - San Diego, April 2022.
  9. BAAPS Masterclass in Aesthetic Practice - London, May 2022.
  10. RACS 90th Annual Scientific Conference - Brisbane, May 2022.
  11. British Burns Association Annual Meeting - Bristol, May 2022.
  12. Australian ASPS Congress - Goldcoast, June 2022
  13. Aesthetics In-Service Exam - Virtual, June 2022.
  14. ISAPS World Congress - Istanbul, July 2022
  15. ICCPCA Cleft Congress - Edinburgh, July 2022
  16. ASSH Annual Meeting - Boston, September 2022.
  17. BAAPS Annual Conference 2022 - London, September 2022.
  18. Plastic Surgery, The Meeting - Boston, October 2022.
  19. AEC Limb Reconstruction - Virtual, October 2022


Tweets of the Week

Here are 4 tweets you might have missed!


New Feature

thePlasticsClub - an invite-only community.

If you want to get access, just reply "YES" to this email.

It's a new feature, still young but eager to grow!

For the next couple of months, the focus will be on interview preparation. Over time, this will expand to other areas of plastic surgery training.

Forums and communities are a great place to learn and engage with your peers. So don't be shy!

Here is what it looks like.

Reply "YES" to this email if you want access :)


New Merch

This is P'Fella's second "merch drop".

Reply "MERCH" to this email if you want some merch!

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