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Fatigue worsens your surgery, "fake" melanoma & ST3 Interview Guide.

The 'perfect' male bum, UMSLE cheats & 4 Flashcard Principles.

Introducing: $10,000 Educational Fellowship Program (& more...)

Interview Prep with AI, Research Rats & Anki updates.

Meet your new AI sidekick, Anki Deck Builder launched & interview tips!

💌 WALANT bros, Interview Prep, Hand Anatomy & more.

💌 "Ozempic Face" is now a thing, ulnar nerve insights, & updated clinical cases.

💌 Females are better surgeons, flashcards 2.0, new paper format, & ganglions

Smoking when operating, 9 events, Scaphoids & Landmark Papers

Better surgeons operate more, new journal club & the CMC joint.

💌 Copy-Paste Medical Crisis, BCC Insights & AI Advances

💌 "Open Access" fees are now removed, new podcast format, & P'Fella answers your questions.

🗞️ We're not ready for AI in plastic surgery, "Ask P'Fella", & intra-op errors coping mechanisms.

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