Introducing: $10,000 Educational Fellowship Program (& more...)

In this week's edition, P'Fella announces the International Educational Fellowship, updates to Sidekick AI and shares opinions on getting paid for your work in plastic surgery.
Introducing: $10,000 Educational Fellowship Program (& more...)

In this week's edition

  1. ✍️ Letter from P'Fella
    Get Paid: Your Plastic Surgery Work Matters
  2. 🤓 The Sunday Quiz
    Tissue Expansion - the finer details
  3. 🔦 Spotlight
    Sidekick AI is now trained on GPT4.
    It can also improve your interview answers.
  4. 🐣 Tweets of the Week
    What was hot on Twitter this week.
  5. 🤔 Ask Sidekick
    The best question asked by you.
  6. 📝 3 Trending Hand Articles
    Pain relief, Intramedullary + WALANT in 2024
  7. 📢 Special Announcement
    Work with P'Fella, earn $10,000 & more.
  8. 💕 What do you want to read?
    Suggest ideas & give feedback!

PS - so far, 80+ applicants for the International Educational Fellow position.

A Letter from P'Fella

Get Paid: Your Plastic Surgery Work Matters

Hey team!

This week we're going to start flipping the script. In a world where your expertise in plastic surgery often earns applause, its time for a reality check and also a paycheck.


It’s time for some hard truths about the value of your work in the world of plastic surgery and academia. The status quo? It’s a narrative that profits off your brilliance and dedication without offering a dime in return.

I've seen too many passionate professionals pour their hearts and souls into fellowships or editorial gigs that offer immense value but overlook one crucial detail – the pay-check.

Here’s what's currently expected of you:

  • Work for free because it'll boost your career, they say. But at what cost?
  • Invest your expertise in reviewing articles without any compensation. It's for the 'greater good,' but whose good, really?
  • Present your research globally. But remember, every ticket, every stay – it’s on you, while your hard work adds zeros to their profits.

Scale of Scholarly Publishing – Library 101 Toolkit
Elsevier Profit Compared to Amazon

Here's what P'Fella has in mind:

Your work, your time, your ideas – they’re invaluable, and it’s high time they were treated as such.

Your skills, your time, your innovation – they’re worth more than just a pat on the back. They deserve a spot on your bank statement.

Let's flip the script with the International Educational Fellowship at thePlasticsFella. This gig is about putting respect – and real dollars – behind your hard work.


• Academia and plastic surgery typically reward prestige over pay.
• Expect unpaid work, article reviews, and self-funded research.
P'Fella's fellowship offers financial compensation for your efforts.
• Time to move from unpaid labor to deserved earnings.

The Sunday Quiz

What changes during tissue expansion?

Tissue expansion increases soft tissue availability by optimising the skin's viscoelastic properties. Architectural and histological changes occur to the skin, subcutaneous tissue & blood supply through mechanical creepbiological creep and stress relaxation.

Neuman first described it in 1957.

Tissue expansion results in physical and cellular changes to soft tissue structures.

Multiple Choice Question

What is the primary mechanism by which mechanical creep contributes to the effectiveness of tissue expanders in plastic surgery?

  • Promoting rapid cell death and replacement in the expanded tissue.
  • Causing an immediate and permanent increase in skin elasticity.
  • Inducing alignment of collagen fibers parallel to the vector force and disrupting elastic fibers.
  • Increasing the rate of infection in the expanded tissue to stimulate healing.


SideKick AI is now trained on GPT-4

Sidekick AI on thePlasticsFella just leveled up with GPT-4, making it smarter and more intuitive for your needs.

What's the benefit of this update? The shift to GPT-4 is a big deal; it means sharper insights and a richer understanding in areas. Check it out below 👇

The model has been retrained on all thePlasticsFella content and also developed for interview prep! Soon I'll be enhancing your learning experience even further with new features for clinical cases, flashcard curation, and quizzes. Sidekick is not just evolving; it's revolutionizing the way you learn and practice

Tweets of the Week

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Ask SideKick

The best question from Sidekick this week.

Every Sunday, Sidekick AI answers a top anonymous question, no personal details stored. Just ask, learn, and enjoy - totally private!

What are the variations in raising the lat dorsi flap?

There are several variations in raising the latissimus dorsi flap, and the choice of technique depends on the patient's habitus and the preferences of both the patient and surgeon. Here are some of the variations:

1. Extended Latissimus Dorsi Flap: This involves detaching a large ellipse of skin from its surrounding skin on the back but leaving it attached to the underlying fat and muscle. The remaining skin is elevated just deep to the superficial fascial system (Scarpa’s fascia), leaving a layer of fat over the whole latissimus dorsi muscle

2. Augmented Musculocutaneous Latissimus Dorsi Flap: This variation involves the use of an implant to augment the volume of the flap.

3. Muscle-Only Flap: This technique involves using only the latissimus dorsi muscle for coverage, typically of the lower pole of an implant.

4. Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator Flap: In this technique, the muscle is left in situ, and only the skin and fat are mobilized based on the thoracodorsal artery perforator.

Remember, the choice of technique should be individualized to each patient, taking into account factors such as the patient's body habitus, the desired aesthetic outcome, and the patient's overall health status

❤️ Sidekick

Articles of the Week

3 Trending Hand Articles

  1. Best post-op pain relief in hand surgery
    Multimodal Pain Management After Outpatient Orthopedic Hand Surgery: A Prospective Randomized Trial, Asif M. Ilyas et al. J hand Surg, Oct 2023.
  2. WALANT Updates in 2024
    Wide Awake Local Anesthetic No Tourniquet in Hand and Wrist Surgery: Current Concepts, Indications, and Considerations. Sawhney et al. PRS Go, Jan 2024.
  3. Intramedullary Fixation in Hand Fractures
    Intramedullary Fixation of Hand Fractures and Arthrodeses. Hassan K et al. J Hand Surg Am. 2024 Jan;

Special Announcement

P'Fella is looking for someone to join me!

Deadline is in 7 days!

International Educational Fellow - Now Open!

I'm on the lookout for someone passionate about plastic surgery education to join me.

It's important to be paid for your work, and now the thePlasticsFella can finally do that. The Educational Fellow will create engaging content, develop their own skills/knowledge and network.

100% remote, flexibility to work around your schedule. This isn't your typical clinical job – it's a unique chance to experience something new and different in plastic surgery.

Read about the $10,000 Salary


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