This companion has been created for the 2022-2023 Plastic Surgery interviews by reviewing past questions & experiences of successful candidates. All revenue directly supports independent publishing & keeps thePlasticsLibrary free.

šŸš€ All stations have mock interviews and answers for you to practice live.

Answer Templates

These answer templates are designed specifically for Plastic Surgery interviews. 


  • The attitude of a successful interview candidate 
  • How to approach any plastic surgery question 
  • Develop your "interview brain"
See Answer Template


  • For questions asking about "you"
  • Academic, Clinical, External Interests, Development Plans/Goals
  • An answer template to use when you feel a bit stuck. 
See the Answer Template


  • For questions asking about scenarios or situations
  • Situation, Context, Action, Result, Reflect, EDucation.
  • A template you can always rely on.
See the Answer Template


  • For questions asking about your thoughts & opinions
  • I, Develop, Examples, Awareness
  • An answer structure to get you out of trouble
See the Answer Template

Academic Skills

These stations will help you become "fluent" in Plastic Surgery by improving your knowledge of definitions and their clinical relevance. 


  • Formal and personal definitions of audit 
  • Audit Cycle
  • Limitations and differences to research 
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  • Principles of Research 
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Ethics
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Evidence-based Practice

  • Formal and Personal Definitions, 
  • Knowledge of different types
  • Awareness of current practices 
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Clinical Risk Management

  • Awareness of clinical risk
  • Risk Management Process
  • Definitions and assessment of risk
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  • Describing your contributions to education 
  • Feedback from your teaching 
  • Educational models and current issues
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Personal Skills

One of the hardest things in the interview is to talk about yourself. These stations are designed to improve your confidence in your own skills. 

Communicating "Modest" Strengths

  • Identify personal strengths 
  • Communicate relevance of your strengths 
  • Show it can improve your patients and your department. 
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Coping with pressure

  • Be effective under pressure
  • Remain objective in situations
  • Be aware of your limitations
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Awareness of Weaknesses

  • Capacity to monitor and anticipate changes
  • Have insight and awareness into your weaknesses 
  • Have a clear plan for overcoming personal obstacles
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Problem-solving your mistakes

  • Identity "safe" mistakes in Plastic Surgery
  • Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Be comfortable talking about your errors.
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Managing Team Members

  • Capacity to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Demonstrate leadership, when appropriate
  • Capacity to establish good working relationships with others.
Coming Soon

Organization and planning:

  • Capacity to manage time and prioritize workload, balance urgent and important demands, follow instructions
  • Understands importance and impact of information systems
Coming Soon

Probity & Professional Integrity

These stations are guaranteed to be in your interview. Know them well, be familiar with their content and you'll cruise through! 

Clinical Governance 

  • Your Personal Definition
  • Origin and development of the 7 Pillars
  • Alternative questions on governance
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  • The Ethical Pillars 
  • Research Governance 
  • Medical Device Ethics 
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Open Disclosure

  • What it means to "openly disclose"
  • Elements of Open Disclosure 
  • Examples Relevant to Plastic Surgery 
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  • What is professionalism?
  • Confidentiality
  • Patient Advocacy
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Commitment & Personal Development

If you have an interview spot, you are committed. Now it's time to show the interview panel. Use these answer structures and buzz words to bring your answers to the next level. 

Personal Development and Achievement 

  • How to talk about your CV
  • Discussing your achievements
  • Become fluent in yourself.
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Suitability for Surgery 

  • Interviewer Expectations
  • 12 reasons to do Plastic Surgery 
  • Finding and supporting your reason 
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Your Future

  • "Where do you see yourself.."
  • Answer structure 
  • Common pitfalls and examples
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Training Insights

  • Identify reasons for training in a particular location
  • Communicate your reasons effectively and passionately
  • Develop insights into the fine details of the training pathway
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Clinical Knowledge

24 clinical scenarios, call the boss, consent stations on 8 common plastic surgery topics. 

Necrotising Fasciitis

Clinical Case, Call the boss, consent

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Finger Replant

Clinical Case, Call the boss, consent

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Flexor Tendon Injury

Clinical Case, Call the boss, consent

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Free Flap Monitoring

Clinical Case, Call the boss, consent

Go to Station

Pigmented Lesion

Clinical Case, Call the boss, consent

Go to Station

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Clinical Case, Call the boss, consent

Coming Soon!


Clinical Case, Call the boss, consent

Coming Soon!

Eyelid Reconstruction

Clinical Case, Call the boss, consent

Coming Soon!

Final Mock Interview

You can only attempt this once! Make sure you are prepared!

Final Mock Interview 

  • 10 Interview stations covering all the main interview themes
  • Live practice, you will be sent the recording.
  • Personal feedback if you donate to thePlasticsFella's mission.
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Bonus Material

P'Fella asked 50 plastic surgeons 1 question...

"What is something you wish you knew before going into that Plastic Surgery Interview?"

Here's their responses šŸ‘‡

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