Meet your new AI sidekick, Anki Deck Builder launched & interview tips!

In this week's edition, nail interviews with fresh tips, quiz your Mohs knowledge, and boost learning with new AI tools and Anki Deck Builders.
Meet your new AI sidekick, Anki Deck Builder launched & interview tips!

In this week's edition

  1. ✍️ Letter from P'Fella
    Success in Plastic Surgery Interviews
  2. πŸ€“ The Sunday Quiz
    What actually is Moh's?
  3. πŸ”¦ Spotlight
    SideKick AI and Anki Deck Builder
  4. πŸ“Έ Image of the Week
    AI-generated melanoma
  5. 🐣 Tweets of the Week
    What was hot on Twitter this week.
  6. πŸ€” Ask P'Fella
    Eh, prefabrication vs prelamination?
  7. πŸ“ Articles of the Week
    3 well designed publications.
  8. πŸ’• Feedback
    Suggest ideas & give feedback!

PS - If you love Anki, then this is for you.

A Letter from P'Fella

What Makes a Great Plastic Surgery Interview?

Hey team!

In some parts of the world, it's that time of year again – interview season is just around the corner! I hope you're all revved up and ready to make a splash.

I've been deep-diving into some fascinating studies, here's some key takeway points.

If you want to prepare well, check out thePlasticsInterview.


Interview Timing – It's Kinda a Big Deal

Guess what? The day you interview could actually sway your ranking. Crazy, right? So, when you're picking dates, mix it up – a little early, a little late. It’s all about balance!

This is an article worth reading πŸ‘‡

Play the Field

Here's the deal: more applications, more interviews, more chances to shine. And hey, if you've got killer grades, make sure they know it. Flaunt it if you’ve got it! In some parts of the world, you can interview for many programs in different locations. For those, the more interviews you nab, the better your shot at success. It’s all about showing off what you know and your passion for the field. Keep that interview outfit ready – you're going to need it!

Nailing the Virtual Interview Scene

Virtual interviews are the new normal, and they're all about the details. Good lighting, quiet room, snazzy outfit – make sure you look and sound your best. First impressions matter, even on a screen!

This is an article worth reading πŸ‘‡

Quick Tips to Keep in Your Back Pocket

  • Network Like a Boss: The more people you know, the better.
  • Research and Publications: Show off your brainy side with some solid research work.
  • Mock Interviews are Your BFFs: Practice, practice, practice. It's all about being cool, calm, and collected. Use thePlasticsInterview if you like.
  • Personalize Those Apps: Make each program feel like they're your top choice.
  • Stay in the Loop: Keep up with the latest in the world of plastic surgery. Knowledge is power!

Awesome Reads to Check Out

  • Interview Day vs. Rank Order (J Surg Educ. 2023): How the date of your interview might just tip the scales.
  • Secrets to Plastic Surgery Match Success (Ann Plast Surg. 2013): Get the inside scoop on what makes a candidate stand out.
  • What Makes a Winning Match (Ann Plast Surg. 2010): A deep dive into the do’s and don'ts of landing that spot.
  • Ace Those Virtual Interviews (Cureus. 2021): Your ultimate guide to impressing through a screen.
  • And of course, thePlasticsInterview.

Remember, these tips and reads are just guides – your unique vibe and experiences are what will truly make you shine. So go out there, be your awesome self, and nail those interviews!

Cheering you on,

P'Fella ❀️

The Sunday Quiz

Ah, Moh's Surgery!

Dr. Frederic Mohs, an American general surgeon in the 1930s, developed the Mohs micrographic surgery (Mohs surgery or MMS) technique.

It is a tissue-sparing surgical technique used to remove skin cancers with a high risk of recurrence and located in areas of functional and aesthetic importance.

Multiple Choice Question

What is a key feature of Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS)?

  • MMS is primarily used for the treatment of melanoma skin cancers.
  • MMS involves the use of general anesthesia for tumor removal.
  • MMS includes same-day comprehensive margin assessment and tumor removal.
  • MMS often requires multiple visits for complete tumor excision.


Key events, select webinars, tailored courses & new features!

Launching Sidekick AI!

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πŸ—£οΈ Dynamic Discussions: Enhanced journal clubs and case studies.
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Education is now a personal conversation.

Learn with Sidekick

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Image of the Week

AI-generated clinical images

AI-generated melanoma

Tweets of the Week

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Ask P'Fella

You ask, I'll answer

p.s today, this was answered by Sidekick

Every Sunday, you can ask P'Fella anything related to plastic surgery. You'll be answered the following week. Let's check out what questions came in. 

Ankit's Question

Could you please highlight the differences between prefabrication and prelamination?


Yeah this is can get pretty confusing.

Think of prefabrication as giving a piece of tissue its own personal blood supply by hooking it up with a blood vessel network. It's like rigging it to be self-sufficient before moving it to where it's needed, sort of like preparing a plant with its pot before you transplant it to a garden.

Prelamination is more like assembling a mini-layer cake of different tissues on top of a blood vessel bed, so it's all ready to be moved as one fancy unit. This is super handy when you need to fix up an area that needs a few different tissue types - like creating a deluxe sandwich with all the fixings before you deliver it to the table.

So, you're either gearing up a single piece of tissue to survive on its own, or you're building a complex tissue structure from scratch, complete with its own blood flow. Prefabrication is about inducing blood supply into an existing tissue while prelamination is about creating a new multi-layered tissue structure with its own blood supply.

Hope that helps!

P'Fella ❀️ 

9 questions submitted in the last 5 days...

Articles of the Week

3 must-read articles!

3 Must-reads

  1. Nerve Conduction Studies in Carpal Tunnel
    Bland JDP. Use of nerve conduction studies in carpal tunnel syndrome. J Hand Surg Eur Vol. 2023 Nov;48(10):976-985.
  2. When Trigger Finger Releases Fail
    Jeon N, Yoo SG, Kim SK, Park MJ, Shim JW. Failure rates and analysis of risk factors for percutaneous A1 pulley release of trigger digits. J Hand Surg Eur Vol. 2023 Oct;48(9):857-862
  3. More scrubbed = more infections?
    Miller JE, Raman S, Chishom TA, Mountziaris PM. Stopping Traffic: An Analysis of Number of Scrubbed Personnel and Infection in Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction. Aesthet Surg J. 2023.

There is no deep-dive journal club this week.
P'Fella was too busy building Sidekick AI and the Anki Deck Builder


Any suggestions, ideas and even negative feedback is appreciated!

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