How to cope with intra-operative errors (Journal Club)

How to cope with intra-operative errors (Journal Club)

Study highlights need for interventions/training to improve coping skills/support for surgeons & staff after intraoperative errors. Effective strategies: error disclosure, calmness, communication. Poor coping behaviors: anger, blame.

Summary Card

Level of Evidence: Therapeutic

Background: Surgeons' coping with intraoperative errors can significantly impact patient outcomes.

Methods: A survey of operating room staff at four academic hospitals was conducted to examine surgeon coping behaviors following intraoperative errors.

Results: Among 294 respondents, effective coping strategies included error disclosure, calmness, and communication, while poor coping behaviors included anger and blame

Conclusion: These findings highlight the need for interventions and training programs to improve coping skills and support for surgeons and operating room staff.

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