thePlasticsPaper - June 19th

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thePlasticsPaper - June 19th

In this Week's Edition

1. ✍️ Letter from P'Fella - Justin Bieber's Facial Nerve Palsy

2. πŸ€“ Study on Sunday + Quiz - Delay phenomenon

4. 🎭 Upcoming Events - New webinars and conferences

5. 🐣 Tweets of the Week - #plasticsurgery memes, videos and more!

6. πŸš€ New features - Find your information quicker

7. πŸ“ Articles of the Week - 3 rapid reviews, 1 deep-dive.

A Letter from P'Fella

Justin Bieber's Facial Nerve Palsy

Every Sunday, you get insights into P'Fella's thoughts and actions.

Twitter was chirping this week after Justin Bieber's unfortunate diagnosis of Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome. It resulted in a pretty significant right-sided facial palsy. Β 

Bieber released a video online to explain the diagnosis and the clinical findings provide an excellent opportunity for teaching.

Other examples in the past include Angelina Jolie's BRCA diagnosis. In this nature publication, the authors state "Angelina Jolie effect includes a 250% increase in referrals of women with a family history of breast cancer in the UK, increases in rates of BRRM, and health insurance reimbursement for BRCA testing".

The Angelina Jolie effect: Contralateral risk-reducing mastectomy trends in patients at increased risk of breast cancer - Scientific Reports
Scientific Reports - The Angelina Jolie effect: Contralateral risk-reducing mastectomy trends in patients at increased risk of breast cancer

It just goes to show that celebrities do have the power to educate.

Study on Sunday

Delay Phenomenon (+Weekly Quiz)

Your weekly bite-sized topic to keep your knowledge fresh.

A series of theories have been proposed to describe the delay phenomenon. Β Each of these has been encompassed in a "unifying theory" by Pearl in 1981.

  1. Increase axial blood flow by removing blood flow from the periphery.
  2. Increase tolerance to ischaemia by "training for hypoxia"
  3. Increased adrenergic state in the initial delay operation reduces minimises the effect of raised vasoconstrictor concentration during the second operation.
  4. Reducing sympathetic fibres by dividing skin flap borders increases vasodilation and intra-flap shunting of non-nutritive blood.
  5. Converts choke vessels to "true anastomosis" permanently within 3 days.

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Upcoming Events

14 Webinars, Conferences, and Courses

This is an incredibly comprehensive list of upcoming events in Plastic Surgery. If you want your event advertised, reply to this email!

Special Announcement: FRCS VIVA exam course at the Royal Free Hospital on 30 July 22 for UK Plastic Surgeons. Reserve your place.

Flyer in the link below πŸ‘‡

  1. iBreastBook Webinar - Implants vs Flaps, Virtual, June 25
  2. Australian ASPS Congress - Goldcoast, June 2022
  3. Aesthetics In-Service Exam - Virtual, June 2022.
  4. PLASTA x RSM Summer Congress 2022 - July 9th
  5. ISAPS World Congress - Istanbul, July 2022
  6. ICCPCA Cleft Congress - Edinburgh, July 2022
  7. ASSH Annual Meeting - Boston, September 2022.
  8. BAAPS Annual Conference 2022 - London, September 2022.
  9. European Society of Craniofacial Surgery - Oxford, September 2022.
  10. BAPRAS Celtic Meeting - Dunblane, Scotland, September 2022
  11. Plastic Surgery, The Meeting - Boston, October 2022.
  12. AEC Limb Reconstruction - Virtual, October 2022
  13. BAPRAS 2022 Congress - November 2022.

Tweets of the Week

If you're not on Twitter, you're not learning. Fact.


New Feature

Key Points and Summary Cards

Every week, P'Fella builds or updates this platform's features to help create an amazing educational resource.

P'Fella has improved the way you can navigate through an article.

Up until now, the articles were designed for those who enjoyed reading the content at a leisurely pace. Most likely at home. Now, you can read the content when you are in a rush. Maybe in-between cases or patients when you really need to find information quickly. Check it out below.

This new feature will be in all new articles and existing articles will be updated over the next few months. Check it out here

Articles of the Week

Every week, P'Fella links 3 articles you should read. There is also 1 deep-dive review for thePlasticsPro community.


  1. Shigeyoshi et al. Hemodynamics and Vascular Histology of Keloid Tissues and Anatomy of Nearby Blood Vessels, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open: June 2022 - Volume 10 - Issue 6 - p e4374
  2. Rasha et al. Augmentation Mastopexy: A Five-step Standardized Strategy Approach, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open: June 2022 - Volume 10 - Issue 6 - p e4349
  3. Kehrer et al. Step-by-step guide to ultrasound-based design of alt flaps by the microsurgeon – Basic and advanced applications and device settings. JPRAS.

This week's journal:
How to improve your Wide Awake Local Anaesthetic (WALANT) technique (by the godfather of WALANT, Lalonde)

How to Minimize the Pain of Local Anesthetic Injection for Wide Awake Surgery, Joukhadar & Lalonde, PRS Go. 

Fun Fact: there are 13 steps to a painless local anaesthetic injection. 

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