Surgical Management of Gynaecomastia (Journal Club)

Surgical Management of Gynaecomastia (Journal Club)

Journal club provides detailed summaries and engages in insightful discussions on the benefits and limitations of important plastic surgery publications.

Summary Card

Level of Evidence: Systematic Review

Background: Gynecomastia is a common condition affecting men, characterized by an enlargement of the male breast tissue. Surgical treatment options include liposuction, gland excision, and skin reduction, each with their own advantages and limitations.

Methods: A comprehensive review of the literature examining outcomes and complications of various surgical techniques for gynecomastia, focusing on patient satisfaction, recurrence rates, and complication rates associated with different surgical approaches.

Results: Overall patient satisfaction was high across all surgical techniques, with significant improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms. The complication rate was low across all techniques but varied depending on the specific approach. Recurrence rates were also low but slightly higher in cases where liposuction alone was used.

Conclusion: This systematic review demonstrates the effectiveness of various surgical techniques in managing gynecomastia and improving patient satisfaction. The choice of surgical technique should be tailored to the patient's specific needs and the severity of their condition, and patient education and long-term follow-up are essential for optimal outcomes.

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