🗞 7 Plastic Surgery Events in the next 7 days.

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🗞 7 Plastic Surgery Events in the next 7 days.

💬 In This Week's Edition

  1. ✍️ P'Fella asks 300+ people, how do you study plastic surgery?
  2. 📝 Article of the Week - Scarless surgery??!
  3. 🤓 Quiz Competition - NEW
  4. 🔥 What was trending on Social Media this week
  5. 🎭 Upcoming Plastic Surgery Events
  6. 🚀 An opportunity to boost your CV


A Letter from P'Fella

Have you ever wondered what's the main way people prepare for plastic surgery exams? Well, 300+ people have voted on Twitter and here are the results.

Here are the key take-away points:

  • The majority of people use practice questions to revise.
  • Lots of people rely on thePlasticsPaper to keep up to date!
  • Most people read more than 1 textbook!
  • 10% would read journals if free!

This type of data is interesting and helps guide the development of thePlasticsFella platform. It re-affirms the need for free access to educational content. It also shows P'Fella is on the right track by building the largest online database of plastic surgery questions.


Article of the Week

Scarless plastic surgery?!

It's a strange concept. In a study published in Science, two researchers at Stanford University report that they have figured out the molecular signals that make scars form and found a simple way to block them — at least in mice

A 20-year-old drug, verteporfin, already on the market as an intravenous treatment for macular degeneration, can prevent scarring if it is injected at the edge of a wound.

Here are the main take-away points:

  • Skin healing is controlled by Engrailed-1 (EN1)
  • Verteporfin blocks EN1 and YAP (Yes-associated Protein)
  • Encourages healing without fibrosis through ENF (EN1-negative fibroblasts)
  • Clinical trials are still pending.

For the full article, read it here.


Quiz Competition

This is a second installment of the international Quiz Competiton. It's only in its early day but its end goal is to create an international leaderboard to determine "who is the smartest Plastic Surgeon".

The quiz is designed to be rapid with direct feedback. In future editions, a leaderboard will be added. So make sure you get in early and get all the points you can!


Social Media Memes

This week, it was all about Twitter. There was some good content going around, so here are the top 3! Click the pictures and it will bring you to the Tweet.

  • The Balenciaga crocs seem like they might be designed for those who love their fashion. Not sure how practical they would be in those long microsurgical cases?!
  • Dr. Glaucomflecken takes aim at all those Ortho bros! You get a good chuckle. He also did one for our colleagues who put the patients to sleep.
  • Who does like a good science video? For those geeks who wonder what a neuron actually does when it regenerates, this is a video for you.


Upcoming Events

  1. Pulvertaft: 22nd November - Management of Dupuytrens.
  2. Canniesburn: 22nd November - Augmentation Mastopexy
  3. PULPe: 22nd November - Tips and Tricks in Syndactyly
  4. PLASTA: 23rd November - Hand Surgery Interview Questions
  5. UCL Head and Neck: 24th November - Micro Management of NOMA
  6. Journal Hand Surgery: 24th November - Bony Mallet Management
  7. ICCPCA Cleft: 27th November - Speech Surgery for VPI
  8. Stoke Mandeville Plastics: 30th November - Skin Cancer Recon
  9. BAAPS: 1st December - Cosmetic Surgery Certification
  10. PLASTA: 2nd December - Innovation in Plastic Surgery
  11. BAPRAS 75 years: 3rd December
  12. 2nd Stoke Mandeville Plastic Surgery Symposium - 14th December
  13. BSSH: 16th December - Christmas Meeting 2021


Boost your CV

P'Fella is currently building the largest online Plastic Surgery Question Bank. A database the will closely follow the international plastic surgery curriculum

If you might be interested in teaching, see how you are rewarded here.

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