Thumb MCPJ UCL Injury - Clinical Scenario

A 33-year-old skier presents with thumb pain after a fall causing radial deviation. Suspected acute UCL injury prompts differential diagnosis, valgus stress tests, and imaging.
Thumb MCPJ UCL Injury - Clinical Scenario

Clinical Scenario

A 30-year-old professional skier presents to the emergency department after a fall during training, landing on her outstretched hand with her thumb in extension. She reports severe pain at the base of the thumb, swelling, and limited mobility.

1. Differential diagnosis of ulnar collateral ligament injury.
2. Patho-anatomy of the mechanism of injury described.
3. Clinical examination and investigations.
4. Treatment options you would provide.
5. Post-operative care following UCL repair.

Primary Contributor: Dr Suzanne Thomson, Educational Fellow.
Reviewer: Dr Kurt Lee Chircop, Educational Fellow.

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