Zones of the Hand (Original Publication)

Zones of the Hand (Original Publication)

Kleinert and Verdan in 1983, first described the flexor (volar) zones of the hand, for simplifying the management of flexor tendon injuries3.

A "round-table discussion" that decided the way we talk about and treat flexor tendon repairs.

The majority of this 1983 publication still stands the test of time.

This journal club looks at the classification, nutrition and healing, post-operative rehabilitation of flexor tendon injuries.


To this day, the same classification exists. And it doesn't look like it will be replaced any time soon!

You can read more about flexor tendon zones.

zones of the hand, flexor tendon injury, extensor tendon injury
Zones of the Hand

Tendon nutrition and healing.

This group of people was smart. They were spot on with their understanding. Here are a few important points

  1. Flexors are supplied by the vincular system.
  2. Sheath is a "synovial fluid propulsion system"
  3. Intrinsic blood supply through the synovial fluid.
  4. It's not surprising when you see the faculty attendance

It's not surprising when you look at all the famous names

Post-operative rehab

This is the section that prob hasn't stood the test of time. The publications suggest that early passive range of movement and that both flexor tendons should be repaired.

The former is no longer correct, the latter is still debated.

Evaluation of the Injury

This is great. And it's prob better than any app or website trying to do the same. It's just simple and to the point.

A great table for anyone starting out in plastic surgery

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