4 Best Resources for Plastic Surgery Residency Interviews.

Online Plastic Surgery interviews resources are the best way to prepare for your residency interview. This article details the best methods and resources to prepare for your ST3 or residency interview.
plastic surgery residency interviews, plastic surgery interviews, plastic surgery interview questions, interview bank

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Plastic Surgery Residency Interviews

Plastic Surgery Residency Interview Question Banks and Courses

When it comes to the Plastic Surgery Residency interview 2 things are gauranteed. Firstly, you'll be tempted to pay for an overpiced course! Secondly, you will pay for that overpiced course! Purely out of fear and anxiety. FOMO. This section will help you avoid those courses. 

the PlasticsInterview

thePlasticsInterview is a 360° companion to the plastic surgery residency interview. It is designed specifically for plastic surgery residency & ST3 interviews. The goal is to help you rank number 1 in your interview.

This interview course and companion is used by an international cohort of future plastic surgery trainees. It is popular in the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia residency programs. Every year it is updated to reflect the ever-changing plastic surgery interview landscape.

plastic surgery residency interviews, residency interviews, plastic surgery interviews, plastic surgery interview questions, interview bank
Plastic Surgery Interview Residency

American College of Surgeons Interview Questions

This is a nice broad overview of the type of questions to expects in the residency interview process. Unlike thePlasticsInterview, it isn't plastic surgery specific and there are not any answers or answer templates.

Residency Interview Questions
What questions should you ask during your residency position interview?

Those above residency interview questions are from the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Web site. Again, they are not plastic surgery specific, but still insightful.

Plastic Surgery Residency Websites

Plastic Surgery residency interviews are a key aspect to the match process. Now, it's time to show-off, be yourself, be confidency and be competent. You'll be observed and you should observe specific parts of the program you are applying to. At the end of the day, you could consider this to be the most important job interview you will ever do.

Plastics Match Insider

This is a website for the Plastic Surgery match. As they say on their homepage, "we are a group of residents and fellows at some of the top integrated and independent plastic surgery programs in the U.S. We recognized that there is no central source for unbiased advice on how to navigate the application, interview, and matching process in plastic surgery".

They offer a product called "Integrated & Independent Plastic Surgery
Interview Guide". It costs $24.95 (at the time this is written). P'Fella bought it. It's pretty good, but not amazing. In my opinion, it probably should be free but I'm sure they will get a few sales for people taking part in plastic surgery residency interviews

Inside the Match Interviews

This website is "Everything you wanted to know about the residency match process—but were afraid to ask". Now, it isn't plastic surgery-specific, but it does provide a good number of resources for you.

For example, they have a podcast that interviews a broad group of people about their interview experiences and matching for their programs. It is mainly directed at the USA market but no doubt the information could be applied to other areas.

Residency Institutions or Plastic Surgery Interview Societies

As expected, there are a number of governing bodies out there that will provide you with formal guidance for your upcoming plastic surgery interview. It's best to find out about your regional or national training body as they will have all the relevant dates and information.

Here are a few important groups (depending on what location you are applying to).

  1. American Society of Plastic Surgery
  2. American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons
  3. Individual Regions, for example, Indiana, Harvard, Stanford.

Publications on the Plastic Surgery Residency Interview

The best way to prepare for your plastic surgery residency interviews is by an evidence-based approach. There is a large number of publications out there to give you insight into the residency process and the best ways to prepare for your plastic surgery interview.

Here are a few that will help you in your residency interview preparation

  1. The Plastic Surgery Residency Interview Revisited: Virtual Interviews and Beyond
  2. The Cost of Applying to Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency
  3. Virtual Interviews for the Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Match: The Program Director Perspective
  4. Virtual Interviews for the Independent Plastic Surgery Match: A Modern Convenience or a Modern Misrepresentation?
  5. Looking back: the plastic surgery application and interview process
  6. The Plastic Surgery Match: A Quantitative Analysis of Applicant Impressions From the Interview Visit

Hopefully, those interview resources aren't behind a pay wall. They should be free to read.

Mindest of the Plastic Surgery Residency Interview

Don't get too distracted by all these amazing plastic surgery interview residency resources. Whilst a lot of them can be helpful as a companion, it is very important that you believe in yourself as a plastic surgeon.

One example is this article called ASPS Interview Tips

Disclaimer: ASPS Interview Tips is not specific to plastic surgery residency interviews. 

With that in mind, it does provide a bit of context to the interview experience. IF you read through the article, you can find some nice gems in there. It's more for experience rather than the actual content.

It's worth a read, even thought it's not specific to the plastic surgery residency interview.

Interviewing Tips
Your impressive CV and intelligent cover letter has secured you an interview. Learn how to prepare and what questions do you ask.

You must have confidence in your preparation.

Hope these plastic surgery interview resources can guide you in the right direction

plastic surgery residency interviews, residency interviews, plastic surgery interviews, plastic surgery interview questions, interview bank
Plastic Surgery Interview Residency

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