🗞 thePlasticsPaper - celebrating 60,000 users!

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🗞 thePlasticsPaper - celebrating 60,000 users!

💬 In This Week's Edition

  1. ✍️ Wow! 60,000 users in 6 months
  2. 📝 Article of the Week - Scar Management Algorithm
  3. 🤓 Quiz Competition - See yourself on the Leaderboard (Finally!!)
  4. 🎭 Upcoming Plastic Surgery Events
  5. 🐣 Tweet of the Week
  6. 🔜 Roadmap - Features & Updates
  7. 🧐 Feedback!


A Letter from P'Fella

60,000 users - wow.

thePlasticsFella hit a small milestone during the week.

60,000 users in the last 6 months. so, thank you! thank you for studying, teaching, and creating on thePlasticsFella platform.

Thank you!

This growth is a reflection of the current state of Plastic Surgery education - the need for open-sourced education. The ability to get access to information without even needing to sign in. If you are interested in the future of the platform, check out the roadmap below.


Article of the Week

This literature review identified the following risk factors:

  • Local: wound tension
  • Systemic: hypertension, estrogen (increase risk in women)
  • Genetic: ethnicities, diseases (Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome)
  • Lifestyle: strenuous activity
Treatment Algorithm for Keloid (Left) and Hypertrophic Scars (Right)

Treatment options include:

  • Gel sheets: scar maturation by limiting wound tension
  • Fixation: steroid (deprodone propionate) plaster
  • Compression: promotes local vasoconstriction to limit inflammation.
  • Scar Massage: promotes maturation but avoid high-risk patients.
  • Intralesional Steroids: decrease inflammatory cytokines.
  • Pulse-dyed Laser: reduces scar blood flow & inflammation.
  • Surgery: if severe, scar contracts over a joint.
  • Radiation: effective as a surgery adjunct.


Quiz Competition

This is quickly becoming the most popular segment in thePlasticsPaper. This is the 4th question, as P'Fella aims to find out "who is the smartest Plastic Surgeon".


Tweet of the Week


Upcoming Events

  1. PLASTA: Career in Plastic Surgery - 6th December
  2. PLASTA: Preparing for ST3 Interview - 9th December
  3. iBreastBook: December 11 -  AI, AR, and VR in Breast Surgery
  4. 2nd Stoke Mandeville Plastic Surgery Symposium - 14th December
  5. BSSH: 16th December - Christmas Meeting 2021



thePlasticsFella is always growing. Always trying to improve current features and develop exciting new educational opportunities.

1.  thePlasticsQuiz

The largest online plastic surgery question bank is currently being built.

2. thePlasticsInterview

If you have an upcoming Plastic Surgery interview, check out what is coming soon!



As always, P'Fella is always looking for feedback! If you have any suggestions, comments or thoughts then feel free to reply to this email! thePlasticsFella is built on the work of the Plastic Surgery community. So, thank you :)

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